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Next New Concept: Advanced System

NNC Building Envelope

High performance DeltaWall™ and innovative Pin-Lock Truss™  systems are the key elements of Next New Concept's building enclosures.

NNC construction is designed as a full alternative to wood frame construction in Single Family Homes, low-rise Multi-Family up to five floors, and Light Commercial projects.

Our proprietary aluminum extrusions become the studs, base plates, and top plates in the wall panels; and the top and bottom chords, and web braces in the trusses. 

NNC construction crews replace framers and insulation contractors. The NNC™ system is highly compatible with downstream trades including insulators, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, and window and door installers.  

Wall panels and trusses are lightweight, most easily set in place by two or three crew members. There is no crane requirement on most projects.   

The NNC™ system meets the performance, cost, and

scalability parameters that production builders require.




Patent Pending DeltaWall™ panels are available up to 10' tall and 12' wide and include precise window and door openings.

DeltaWall™ panels are 5-1/2" thick with 1-1/2" of continuous extruded polystyrene (XPS) exterior insulation. 

DeltaWallis designed for single family home construction; multi-family to three floors, and light commercial projects.

Extruded Aluminum is the structural material for NNC construction with DeltaWall panels, configured as "Studs" and "Plates" analogous to wood framing.

DeltaWall™ with Integral Continuous In-Plane Shear Panel, Moisture Barrier, Airtight, Insulation and Roughed-in wiring, outlet & switch boxes


Next New Concept's 
Advanced DeltaWall™ System

  • DeltaWall™ panels integrate exterior insulation with a reflective film. Continuous sheathing provides in-plane shear and doubles as a highly efficient air barrier.

  • A barrier thermally isolates all aluminum components from the elements. All exterior wall seams are factory taped; panel to panel joints are sealed at jobsite.

  • The wall panels install on a base rail system that accurately positions the walls and isolates the panels from the concrete slab or foundation.

  • Installation of tie-downs to slab, panel to panel connections, and any electrical, plumbing or other work requiring access is completed first, followed by interior wall cavity insulation completed on site.


  • DeltaWall™ is compatible with all types of exterior cladding: vinyl siding, stucco, brick, stone and cement board. Cladding can be applied on site or in-factory options are available.

Pin-Lock Truss™



Next New Concept's

Pin-Lock Truss™



Delivered to the jobsite in a compact, "transport" mode ready with fold-out web bracing and quick assembly without tools.

All Conventional Truss Configurations Available

Double Pitch, Single Pitch and Flat, Roofs, Clear Spans Up to 50’

  • Patent Pending Pin-Lock Truss™ provides quick jobsite set-up. Designed for ease of Manufacture and ease of Construction.

  • Specify Fink, Howe, Attic, Hip, Scissor or more. Manufactured and shipped in compact "transport" mode in a fraction of the space of conventional trusses.

  • Proprietary Pin-Lock Truss™ technology provides quick jobsite set-up. Chords and web bracing are pivoted into place and secured with locking pins in minutes. NO TOOLS NEEDED!

  • Eliminate damage and delays due to shipping and handling. Lightweight, easy to construct in many jobs CRANES NOT NECESSARY



NNC™ Construction is Engineered to Meet:

  • State of Florida and Miami-Dade building products approvals for construction in all High Velocity Hurricane Zones or HVHZ​ 


  • International Building Code® (IBC), International Residential Code® (IRC)


  • One-hour and two-hour flame ratings


  • One-hour and two-hour flame ratings


       U.S. Patents Pending

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