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Next New Concept: What We Are

A superior, non-wood, insulated building enclosure

Next New Concept, Inc. (NNC™ branded) is a vertically integrated design, marketing, manufacturing, and sub-contractor construction company launching its patent pending, whole house alternative to wood frame construction.







You can now build FASTER with factory-controlled, higher quality materials for LESS cost. NNC™ starts with an innovative product line designed for ease of manufacture, low labor content, and a relatively small-footprint manufacturing plant facilities with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) based equipment.

NNC™ capitalizes on the labor and logistics inefficiencies related to wood framing to gain a direct price competitive position for our builder customers. With superior quality, superior materials, lean manufacturing methods, and factory teams that deliver and construct your project


Delivers sustainable, economical, ready-to-finish,  high-quality, energy-efficient, fully constructed building envelopes to homebuilders that protect families and respect the environment.

Today's construction industry has a productivity problem using wood

Since 1968, U.S. agriculture has achieved real productivity growth of 1,510% and manufacturing 760% while construction managed only 6% and is actually now lower today than in 1968

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Innovation can make an important contribution to turning this situation around. Gaining traction are digital technologies, new lightweight materials and advanced automation. The U.S. General Services Administration mandated that new construction is designed through its Public Buildings Service use....BIM technologies. The biggest leap in productivity can be achieved by use of more prefabrication and standardization with buildings largely manufactured in factories and assembled quickly on-site. Source quoted: Market Watch

...and here’s the answer with NNC building solutions

Just what Market Watch analyses shows as needed, Next New Concept provides by utilizing innovation, lightweight materials, CNC automation, BIM designs, manufacturing off-site, and assembled quickly on the jobsite.

NNC™ teams deliver, assemble, and construct each new building envelope on build-ready slabs or foundations, serving as the SINGLE SOURCE product manufacturer and SINGLE SOURCE framing and insulation subcontractor.

The NNC™ fully framed building envelope is constructed in two days for a typical single-story home, and four days for two stories, ready for windows, doors, and final finishes.


A “disruptive technology”, the NNC WHOLE HOUSE SOLUTION includes panelized exterior insulated walls, interior walls, trusses, and insulated roof deck; based on the Company’s patent pending structural aluminum building system.

Problems Are Solved with the NNC“Green” Alternative to Wood Frame or Block


Homebuilders currently face a critical shortage of skilled trade labor, upward costs of construction, while homebuyers are seeking better quality, sustainable housing now available with Next New Concept technology.


Wood materials and framers—the trades that supply the labor and expertise for constructing wood framing for 90% of all the homes built in North America—are at critical mass.


Framing is a skilled trade and the challenge to identify, recruit, and train framing labor is not a short-term process. 

The wood industry’s labor force has aged out and younger workers are not joining the industry at a level to replace those that are leaving. The generational gap that exists started ten years ago with the market crash, added pressure and liabilities related to hiring non-documented workers, and lack of trades being taught in schools,


All of these considerations point to an even greater crisis brewing for home building’s future UNLESS new ideas and materials are utilized to successfully transition away from wood or block. This said, innovation must be both painless and profitable to implement on scale. The NNC™ team ensures you have stellar results. Partner with us and together revitalize the construction industry.



 The iconic Empire State Building, completed in 1934, was engineered and constructed with structural aluminum. Next New Concept champions structural aluminum as the modern material of choice, and extrusion as the process of choice. With extruded profiles offering unique freedom through innovative design, these offset material cost deltas with wood framing.


  • Structural aluminum has better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel and weighs less. At 30% the weight of steel, aluminum is equivalent in strength.

  • Structural aluminum retains its strength throughout the lifespan of the structure, does not twist or decay like wood, and is not food for termites.


  • Structural aluminum is sustainable with up to 90% of the feed-stock for manufacturing NNCextrusion components coming from recycled aluminum. Aluminum is 100% recyclable.

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