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Next New Concept: Opportunity

An Invitation to Partner with Us

The attributes of Next New Concept's WHOLE HOUSE Framing System are easy to understand and immediately apparent to industry observers / thought leaders to gain media attention AND to prospective NNC™ builders. 


Factory-controlled materials enable BUILDERS to complete homes faster. Better quality products attract BUYERS. And, the incentive to switch to NNC is the complete, installed system at less cost than traditional insulated wood or block construction. This is achieved through innovative products designed for superior performance AND ease of manufacture AND speed of construction.


Next New Concept has successfully lowered the content of manufacturing labor and construction labor to invest in higher quality materials to construct the ENTIRE improved building envelope. The enclosure includes exterior and interior walls with window and door openings, roof trusses and roof deck, floor trusses, and high-performance insulation that precisely match the plans for the building project.


Quoting each project with Next New Concept systems directly correlates to the builder's wood framing bid + insulation. That means the math works for a straightforward switch to our products.

We have experience and industry know-how. Identified markets with major buyers currently in discussion offer substantial upward growth potential domestically and globally.

NNC’s market

positioning is

very simple:

A superior, highly insulated wall

& roof system

building envelope

for less cost than

insulated wood framing.


2019 US Home Building Stats:

903,000 Single Family Homes

814,000 Wood Frame (90%)

Median Floor Space 2,105 SF

Average NNC™ $/SF Price @ $20

NNC™ Content per House $42,100

U.S. Wood Frame Universe $34B

  Central Florida Target Market:

13,203* Orlando/Kissimmee/Sanford

13,336* Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater 

*Based upon building permits issued 2018

NNC™ at 5% Market Share

1,327 homes per year

Gross Sales $55.8M

Central Florida New Homes/Year $1B

NNC™   Market Size

NNC™ strategy for rapid growth and long-term success:


Since its inception in 2019, Mike Niemann has devoted the necessary time and effort to create a successful go-forward strategy. The resulting essential activities and milestones are to date:

  • Continuous cost modeling throughout the design process to insure that claims of price competitiveness with wood frame construction remain valid. 

  • Obtaining patent coverage with two U.S. patents pending and plans for international coverage.

  • Detailing product drawings for marketing, tooling, testing, manufacturing, construction detailing, and supplier communications.

  • Establishing the foundation for an on-line BIM library with construction details to aid and attract engineers and architects designing NNC projects. 

  • Initial raw material and component suppliers identified with tooling and material cost pricing in hand.

  • Test lab selected and testing protocols identified - Niemann selected a test lab that he has an established, prior long-time working relationship.

  • Focusing on relationships within the U.S. construction industry – Niemann’s experience has garnered the respect of contacts and key decision makers within top rated national, regional, and local builders throughout the country.

  • Several international market opportunities are in preliminary discussions and may become direct markets, joint ventures, or licensing opportunities.  

  • Niemann has ​a history of assembling highly qualified management and has identified several individuals to join the Next New Concept team. Niemann has a history of mentoring young professionals to become team leaders.   

  • Extensive product research and development has been completed and the company is ready to launch its first production facility, complete its product testing and certifications, and construct pilot projects this year - commercial availability starting Q-1 of 2021.

The immediate go-forward plan in NEXT NEW CONCEPT includes:

Tooling ● Pilot Builds ● Product Certification

Model/Show Homes ● Public Relations & Online Marketing Launch

Collaborate with Media and Industry Partners

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