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WHY Next New Concept:

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 EBURNEA CITY ONE is NNC's Premier project located in the Ivory Coast, West Africa


NNC's new 260,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, with a capacity to supply 5,000 homes per year is sold out through 2030, supplying 29,000 homes for the EBURNEA CITY ONE development.  


  • Clean, Safe Drinking Water to all Homes

  • Modern sanitation and sewage treatment

  • Durable, Safe, Energy Efficient Construction

  • SOLAR POWER for Primary and Secondary needs


 EBURNEA CITY ONE is a Sustainable Development 
A Modern GREEN City

EBURNEA CITY ONE development is built to  house 100,000 people and become a significant part of the modernization plan of Yamoussoukro, the country’s capital city. The government officially publishing its Master Plan Development in December of 2023.

We define Sustainable as Low Cost to Occupy; and Low Impact on the Environment

NNC™ is a sustainable, economical, and scalable solution AND ENDS a myriad of challenges dealing with trade bias, labor shortages, construction errors; and buyer remorse. Factory operations ensure specifications and quality standards are met before delivery to the jobsite.

We Work Really Hard
Make This 
Really Easy

Next New Concept’s path to success capitalizes on its "disruptive design & innovative technology" and its Propritary Manufacturing & Construction Systems

designed and engineered for:

  • Ease of Manufacture

  • Speed of Construction

  • Superior Performance 

You Can Keep the Quality High if you Control The Process

NNC controls the process from materials specification, value engineering, home design, manufacture, site delivery, and the final on-site assembly and construction of the home with

NNC factory trained crews.  

Innovation Leads and
The Market Follows

Next New Concept fully subscribes to off-site manufactured housing championing 

innovation, fast delivery, and high quality. We sell homes to families that they can afford and are proud to own. NNC homes are complete with appliances, basic furnishings, fully inspected and move-in ready. 

The First Question Asked by Every Home Buyer

"What does it cost me?

We supply great homes to meet the price points that our buyers require. NNC delivers affordable housing, mid-level housing. and high-level housing all utilizing NNC's systems & technologies. We value engineer. We survey our customer base and we arrange suitable buyer financing.

NNC - Soon to Be
Home Buyers' First Choice

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