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Next New Concept: The Why

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.  Albert Einstein  

Next New Concept’s path to success capitalizes on its "disruptive technology" breakthrough innovation that REPLACES wood framing in ALL THE WAYS THAT MATTER to U.S. homebuilders and contractors. We are a direct competitor and a full replacement to wood frame construction.

We Worked

Really Hard to Make This

Really Easy

Twisting Wood Costs Builders $700-$1000 Per

House Built

NNC™ is a sustainable, economical, and scalable solution AND ENDS a myriad of challenges dealing with framing trade shortages, jobsite construction errors; and wood twisting and bending, which causes cracks in stucco and drywall resulting in callbacks, rework, and repairs.

Off-site manufacturing is the new "buzz" for home building. Many are leading the charge but require large-footprint, highly automated, capital intensive facilities that cost tens of millions of dollars but serve limited trade areas with factory built WOOD-BASED systems.     

You Can't Engineer The Wood Out

of The Wood

Innovation Leads and

The Market Follows

Next New Concept fully subscribes to off-site manufactured building systems championing 

aluminum extrusions and innovative design. Streamlined manufacturing processes, small-footprint facilities and low capital investment support a fast track to multiple regional facilities through organic growth and licensing.     

Aluminum is considered by some experts as one of the MOST sustainable materials. It can be recycled infinitely back to its original raw form. A superior choice to wood, aluminum is dimensionally stable, not food for termites, does not mold or decay, with a nearly permanent service life. 

NNC™ - Soon the

 First Choice

of Leading

Home Builders

The First Questions

Asked by Every

Home Builder

"What does it cost me?

"Who can I get to construct it?

We Answer, "The NNC™ system is priced to directly compete at FIRST COST parity with wood frame and includes system design, manufacturing, site delivery with construction by NNC™ dedicated crews."

Because older houses were a bit drafty, wood could breathe and stay healthy. Spray-foam insulation and other sealing systems  may NOT allow adequate ventilation FOR WOOD in modern construction creating an environment that is conducive to mold, mildew, and rot that may lead to "unhealthy Inside air" and possible structural damage.   


Doesn't Have

to Breathe

to Stay Healthy:  CHOOSE Aluminum.

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